2016 Young Photographers Show

Winning Images

first place YP2016
Reach © Grace Whitmire
First Place
2nd place YP2016
Broken © Abigain Cuneo
Second Place
3rd place YP2016
Home © Harper Wolf
Third Place

Selected Photographers:
Kristen Abernathy 9th Grade, Jonesboro, GA “Nature”
Sarah Brummett 9th Grade, Newnan, GA “Leave Me” and “Talking Out Loud”
Meredith Camp 10th Grade, Concord, GA “Road Ends at the Barns”
Michael Chapin 9th Grade, Atlanta, GA “Railway”
Abigail Cuneo 11th Grade, Hull, GA “Broken”
Avery Ferguson 7th Grade, Senoia, GA “A Walk in the Woods”
Sarah Guilot 12th Grade, Newnan, GA “Young, Wild(flowers), and Free”
Justin Hall 8th Grade, Alpharetta, GA “Cruising”
Dylan Hanson 11th Grade, Williamson, GA “The Road to Ruins”
Marissa Hanson 5th Grade, Williamson, GA “The Corner Store”
Cooper Hanson 7th Grade, Williamson, GA “Abandoned Service Road”
Michael Holley 4th Grade, Williamson, GA “Fences and Flowers”
Lola McDaniel 2nd Grade, Meansville, GA Rusty Memories” and “Follow the Leader”
Lily McDaniel 1st Grade, Meansville, GA “Lily Pad”
Christina Neath 10th Grade, Concord, GA “Roadrunner”
Akash Patel 8th Grade, Suwanee, GA “It Flows”
Abbi Patterson 9th Grade, McDonough, GA “The Boy – The Doll”
Amber Sealey 9th Grade, Concord, GA “Pure Innocence”
Isaac Sencer 12th Grade, Atlanta, GA “Middle Georgia”
Grace Whitmire 9th Grade, McDonough, GA “Reach” and “Coming”
Harper Wolf 9th Grade, Atlanta, GA “Rebellious Dancer” and “Home”
Austin Zwilling 8th Grade, Newnan, GA “Flowery Day”

Congratulations to all!