Cotton Patch    ©  Joe HoylePeople's Choice Award, SlowExposures 2015

Cotton Patch © Joe Hoyle
People's Choice Award, SlowExposures 2015


Our Jurors, David Carol and Eliot Dudik, have selected this year’s images. To see a list of all photographers selected, click here.

Thank you, David and Eliot! We cannot wait to see these images framed and displayed at SlowExposures 2016! Congratulations to all of our 2016 Photographers! We hope to see you September 15 – 18 in Pike County, Georgia!


When the Work is Done, © Georgia Kline, People's Choice 2014

When the Work is Done
Georgia Kline
People's Choice 2014


Only a few more days to enter SlowExposures' Young Photographers' Exhibit


SlowExposures'  Young Photographers Exhibit is now accepting applications for our 2016 show to be held in conjunction with the main show September 15 - 18, 2016.  The Young Photographers' Show is open to all Georgia students in grades K - 12.  To learn more about the show and to access the application, please go to our Young Photographers' Page.

Deadline:  August 1, 2016

SlowAIR Recipients 2016

Angela Wells and Brant Barrett with SlowExposures' volunteers

Angela Wells and Brant Barrett with SlowExposures' volunteers

On a perfect spring evening, SlowExposures welcomed our 2016 SlowAIR recipients, Angela Wells and Brant Barrett, with a Welcome Dinner at Split Oak Farms in Zebulon, GA.  We enjoyed getting to know these talented artists and to hear how they've been spending their time during the past week. 





SlowAIR Welcome Dinner, 2016

SlowAIR Welcome Dinner, 2016

Angela and Brant will be back in town for SlowExposures' PopUp tour.  The SlowExposures' volunteers, as well as Angela and Brant are all anticipating that event!  Come join us Saturday, September 17 for SlowGating, a progressive Juror's talk with John Bennett. 





SlowAIR Welcome Dinner

SlowAIR Welcome Dinner



See you in September!



Governor and Mrs. Nathan Deal at awards presentation
© Donna Rosser

SlowExposures announced today as a recipient of the 2015 Governor's Awards for the Arts and Humanities


In a ceremony at the Georgia State Capital today, SlowExposures was recognized as one of 13 recipients of the 2015 Governor's Awards for the Arts and Humanities.  The awards are presented by the Office of the Governor in partnership with Georgia Council for the Arts and Georgia Humanities and are presented to "outstanding individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to Georgia's civic and cultural vitality through excellence and service to the arts and humanities."  Congratulations to Chris Curry, for her vision, and to all of our hard-working volunteers who have made this day possible.  SlowExposures salutes our volunteers!


SlowExposures' 2015 Winners


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Click here to see a complete list of all of our 2015 Winners!

Thank you to all participants in SlowExposures' 2015 Four Slow Days!

A Summary:


♦ Perfect weather      ♦  Juror John Bennette      ♦  Juror Jerry Atnip       ♦  59 exceptional photographers and their images       ♦  Concord Arts beautifully renewed building      ♦  6 fantastic PopUp shows         ♦  PopUp Juror Richard McCabe        ♦  Jerry Park's  "Slow Roads Tennessee"            ♦  Ashley Kauschinger's "Questions of Origin"      ♦  "Designing Women and Daughters" discussion with Karen Lacey and Ashley Kauschinger       ♦  Moderator Celeste Headlee     ♦  Good food and drink       ♦  Great conversations        ♦  New friends       ♦  Amazing Volunteers


Jurors Talk SlowExposures 2015©  Houck Medford

Jurors Talk SlowExposures 2015
© Houck Medford


"The slow pacing of the four days facilitates a saturated adsorption. The genuineness of this community provides healing time from the rapid pace of another life that everyone brought with them but left checked at the county line." 

Houck and K.B. Medford from Houck Medford's Journal

Opening ReceptionSlowExposures 2015© Donna Rosser

Opening Reception
SlowExposures 2015
© Donna Rosser

Outside Tables Saturday SupperSlowExposures 2015© Joe Hoyle

Outside Tables Saturday Supper
SlowExposures 2015
© Joe Hoyle

Marilyn Rogers Red Wine Effect

Outdoor concert by the Red Wine Effect
SlowExposures 2015
© Marilyn Rogers