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map by Carol Carver

map by Carol Carver

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A wonderful time was had by all at our annual SlowAIR picnic dinner at Split Oak Farm.  We enjoyed a wonderful meal, followed by a fantastic thunderstorm.

Neil McGahee with Paul Boeker and Marcia Fisher © Myrtie Cope




Remembering SlowExposures 2018
Sweet Sixteen
September 20 - 23, 2018


A blast from the past and a flavor of SlowExposures from a video by Houck Medford in 2015, helping us celebrate SlowExposures 2016! 

Jurors Talk SlowExposures 2015© Houck Medford

Jurors Talk SlowExposures 2015
© Houck Medford

"The slow pacing of the four days facilitates a saturated adsorption. The genuineness of this community provides healing time from the rapid pace of another life that everyone brought with them but left checked at the county line." 

Houck and K.B. Medford from Houck Medford's Journal

Vicki Hunt, Amanda Smith and Kevin Tully at their PopUp "Southern Encaustics", 2018 © Myrtie Cope

Gary Gruby admiring Doug Eng's Work, Beautiful Barn, 2018 © Myrtie Cope

Saturday Supper, 2018 © Myrtie Cope