SlowExposures 2020/2021

Thursday, September 16th – Sunday, September 19th

We can’t wait to welcome photographers and photography lovers to Pike County
and the SlowExposures experience this year–we’re calling it “2020 in 2021”
and featuring Jurors Paula Tognarelli and Allan Rothschilds selections
made before the pandemic hit last year.
We’re planning a great reunion and
we look forward to sharing the “SlowExposures” experience with you!
 We are planning the best SlowExposures ever – see you then

Images by John Bennette, Collage by Dale Niles

The SlowExposures Volunteers will observe necessary Covid guidelines. Masks are welcome.

SlowExposures 2020/2021
Photographers Selected

Jurors Paula Tognarelli and Alan Rothschild have made their selections
for our SlowExposures “2020 in 2021” Show. 
Congratulations to the photographers who are listed HERE.
Thank you to Paula and Alan for working together under very unique circumstances!

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