4 SlowDays:  September 17 - 20

Lucky 13!

 For our 13th show we are departing from tradition and planning a host of events that will expand on the incredible energy of SlowExposures.  

Show at the Whiskey Bonding Barn
SlowExposures 2013
photo by Ellen Tew

Take the PopUp Tour (complete with passport) of satellite shows in nontraditional places that reference our history and agricultural roots in the American South. See the main exhibition in Concord at the old Post Office. Take in our  2014 Conlan Prize winner, Ashley Kauschinger’s show at the 1870 Whiskey Bonding Barn.  Enjoy the most savory BBQ you have ever tasted at our Saturday Supper at the Concord Café.  After, under a sweet Georgia moon, enjoy live music courtesy of The Red Wine Effect from Nashville. Discover and buy great photography from established and emerging artists. Be one of the first to stay at our new RV encampment that will make it possible to stay close by. And, as always, be renewed by the vibrant, spontaneous energy of that heady mix of photographers and photography fans who gather in Pike County for the third weekend in September. We're one smashing weekend for 2015. We're calling it "Four SlowDays". September 17-20.  




PopUp Photographers Announced

SlowExposures is pleased to announce the following PopUp Tour Photographers:

Douglas Eng (Jacksonville, FL)
Jen Ervin (Daniel Island, SC)
Meg Griffiths/Tamara Reynolds (Columbia, SC/Nashville, TN)
Abby Hepner (Albuquerque, NM)
Diane Kirkland (Atlanta, GA)
Gene Lazo (Matthews, NC)

Thanks to all photographers who entered and a special Thank You to Richard McCabe for his selections.
We look forward to seeing everyone in September!

Take a look at what our PopUp Artists have in store for you on our PopUp Tour Page.




SlowExposures welcomes our first SlowAIR Recipients

Tamara Reynolds, Meg Griffiths, Andrea Noel, and Chris Curryphoto by Donna Rosser

Tamara Reynolds, Meg Griffiths, Andrea Noel, and Chris Curry
photo by Donna Rosser

SlowExposures welcomed Meg Griffiths and Tamara Reynolds to Pike County with a Welcome Dinner during the Memorial Day weekend.  Meg and Tamara, it was a great pleasure spending time with you!  We hope your stay here is productive, enjoyable, and memorable!

Tamara Reynolds at Welcome Dinnerphoto by Donna Rosser

Tamara Reynolds at Welcome Dinner
photo by Donna Rosser

Meg Griffiths at Welcome Dinnerphoto by Dale Niles

Meg Griffiths at Welcome Dinner
photo by Dale Niles


SlowExposures 2014 Winners



2014 Winning Photographs

3 Sisters Spring, Crystal Springs, FL by Benjamin Dimmitt

3 Sisters Spring, Crystal Springs, FL by Benjamin Dimmitt

Check out the photographs that caught the eyes of our jurors.  You will see a varied and interesting selection of images from SlowExposures 2014.

JAM: Jurors and Artists Mingling

J.A.M., 2014photo by Ellen Tew

J.A.M., 2013
photo by Ellen Tew

 SlowExposures strives for a relaxed atmosphere where photographers have the opportunity to learn, talk shop, and simply enjoy the company of other photographers, photography professionals, collectors, or fans.  Get a feel for SlowExposures here and consider joining us September 17-20, 2015.

A new Lodging Experience: SlowPark

Welcome Home!SlowExposures 2014photo by Ellen Tew

Welcome Home!
SlowExposures 2014
photo by Ellen Tew


Be close to the action and enjoy the company of other photography enthusiasts at SlowPark.  Rent or bring your own RV.  Tents are also welcome.  See details on our SlowPark page.