What Is SlowExposures?

During the past couple of weeks I have heard this question. Many people want to know what kind of photos should they enter, what type of work is usually in the show, just what ‘is‘ SlowExposures?
SlowExposures began in 2003 as a way to showcase the rural south — as it is and as it is perceived. The show is fulled with diverse fine art photography submitted by photographers from many states. Some of those photographers live in the rural south, others simply love to visit. As a show SlowExpsoures is evolving, just as photographers’ work evolves. This year the entry procedure is completely online making it easier for everyone to get their entries in before the deadline. We have heard many stories of photographers rushing to the post office at the last minute to make it in before the cut off postmark date passes.
Another change for 2010 is the combination of the categories. In the past, there was a separate category for photographs taken in the West Central Georgia geographic area. Now SlowExposures has one category — the southeast. No more dragging a map out to see if your photo fits the WCG area!
Back to the question of what photos should one enter. That is always such a personal choice for the photographer. Usually it is nice to view a show — just to see what is there. Depending on the juror, visions can be slightly different; but the overall feel of the show remains. If you are interested in getting that entry in — remember the deadline is June 15 at midnight — and you have not been to the exhibit before, you can preview the 2009 showbook at blurb by clicking this link. The SlowExposures website has a gallery of images from last year’s events and the winning images.
The exhibit returns to the newly renovated R.F. Strickland Building in Concord this year. Make plans to attend the show and events. It is going to be a great year!
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