Vacation Motor Hotel

Vacation Motor Hotel by David Boyd, Jr. is the 2011 SlowExposures show photo.  David is a SCAD graduate in illustration and art history, painter, photographer, self syndicated editorial cartoonist, middle and upper school art instructor at the Heritage School in Newnan, Georgia.  He is a member of and Oil Painters of America.  In addition to his regular website, David has a blog about his painting.  
If you are into Googie Art, you seek out these old signs — relics of the 50s and 60s.  This sign is on an old highway in Clarksville, Tennessee.  The highway — 41 — was a popular route but lost favor after the interstate system came to be.  The sign is 3stories tall, two sided, beautifully hand painted, and had a lot of neon lighting it up in its prime.  You can just see the family station wagon on a road trip pulling in to rest for the night.
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