Whiskey Bonding Barnphoto by  Gail Des Jardin

Whiskey Bonding Barn
photo by Gail Des Jardin

Whiskey Bonding Barn Show  ShowExposures 2013  photo by Ellen Tew

Whiskey Bonding Barn Show
SlowExposures 2013
photo by Ellen Tew

Mission Statement:


Place matters. Art matters. So does community. And, when the three are mixed together by the SlowExposures volunteers--both natives and immigrants to the American South, a peculiar alchemy occurs. Backgrounds, religions, cultures, and political affiliations fall away in the creative challenge of putting on the juried exhibition that showcases photography of the rural southeast United States.  The result: An annual crop of pictures that manages to both pay homage to, and confound the stereotypes of the region. We present the work in historic buildings that tell the story of this long-time, cotton-growing region. Our intention is to support the re-purposing of these places that hold our community’s memories and history. To this end, we work with our parent organization, Pike Historic Preservation and choose one building every year to receive a portion of the profits from that year’s show.