Slow Salutes our Photographers

Marla Puziss – The Offering

Marla is a SlowExposures alum and she shares one of her photos, The Offering, which was chosen for the 2020-2021 International Photography Exhibition at the University of Southern Mississippi. The juror was the renowned documentary and fine art photographer, Betty Press. Due to COVID precautions, the exhibit is only online.

Anne Berry – Behind the Glass

“The least I can do is give a voice to those who cannot talk.” –Jane Goodall

Continue reading “Anne Berry Behind the Glass” by rfotofolio.

Southern Cypresses © Clay Fisher

Congratulations to Clay Fisher (SlowExposures 2017) for his award from Atlanta Celebrates Photography’s first ever virtual Open Exhibition. Clay was awarded the Best Black and White Image in the Adult Category.
SlowExposures salutes you, Clay, and looks forward to seeing more of your work!

An update to Mary Anne Mitchell’s “Meet Me in My Dreams”:

Hare and the MaidenFair © Mary Anne Mitchell

Slow Salutes Mary Anne Mitchell (SlowExposures 2012) for her featured portfolio in L’Oeil de la Photographie (The Eye of Photography)! Entitled “Meet Me in My Dreams”, the series of wet plate collodion images is inspired by Mary Anne’s original poem of the same name. Speaking to “the ethereal passage of time,” Mary Anne works from the vantage point of the fairytale archetype; the depictions are more closely related to the perspective of the Brothers Grimm than that of Disney. The title invites us onto the astral plane, where imagination reigns, and anything is possible. Her photographs portray nature as animistic, with young people exploring both fearlessness and vulnerability.

Mary Anne plans to use this series as the basis for an installation to debut this fall in Atlanta.

Cumberland © Diane Kirkland

Slow salutes Diane Kirkland (SlowExposures 2009, Second Place West Central Georgia and Honorable Mention Southeast, 2010, 2011, 2014) for her work with Cumberland naturalist Carol Ruckdeschal. Cumberland Island: A Fragile Beauty, which opens June 30th at Fernbank Science Center, will feature Diane’s photographs and Carol’s notes and illustrations covering her 46-year quest to recover and catalog one of the largest collections of sea animal bones in the world. An expert on the mutable biodiversity of Cumberland, one of the largest barrier islands along the Atlantic coast, Carol’s studies of all manner of creatures is part of the larger picture regarding the effects of climate change and environmental decision-making. Diane’s photos allow us to see the painstaking patience involved in this labor of love.

Carol Ruckdeschel © Diane Kirkland

The Fernbank exhibit opens with a talk by Carol at 4:30 on June 30th. The display will conclude in mid-August.

Poster featuring Gee Rise Up © Rory Doyle

Slow salutes Rory Doyle, (SlowExposures 2018 main show) as well as 2018 SlowAir recipient, for upcoming noteworthy events. First, his “Delta Hill Riders” show, documenting black cowboys and cowgirls, past and present, opens February 19th in Cleveland, Mississippi, where Rory currently lives. The show is part of Delta Arts Alliance, an organization that holds highlighting diversity among its primary goals. In “Delta Hill Riders,” Rory’s photos depict unexpected portraits of people in unforeseen roles from unusual places. In his research, Rory discovered that the presence of black cowboys dates back at least as far as the Civil War. The show is named for a group in his community that has been riding horses together for so long, that now, several generations are riding alongside each other.
Next up, Rory will help lead the inaugural Mississippi Delta workshop of Raw Photo Tours, which will focus on documentary photography and storytelling. It takes place July 18-22, and will cover fundamental aspects of photography, such as: lighting, framing, and composing; to visualizing the story through images, and portfolio review. Participants will be immersed in the Delta, with accommodations along the Mississippi River Levee.

Image by Rory Doyle

Lastly, the current issue of National Parks Magazine features Rory’s work on the cover and also inside in a piece entitled, “Mississippi Reckoning.” Written by Kate Silber, the article and accompanying photographs focus on events in Mississippi’s struggle with civil rights issues and events.
Congratulations, Rory, on an excellent start to 2019!

And…this just in…”Delta Hill Riders” will be opening as a solo show at the Print Space Gallery in London, England on Feb. 28! Wow!

Five Forks © Dale Niles

Saluto to Dale Niles! She has been selected to exhibit her photographs in Italy, at the inaugural Venice Audio-Visual Show. The exhibit will be taking place February 1-9, 2019, at the magnificent Palazzo Michiel, overlooking the city’s famed Grand Canal. Four pieces of Dale’s series, “What Lies Within: the Eclectic Collections of Andrea Noel,” will be part of a show which celebrates music and various forms of audio and visual artistry from creators who encourage us to reconsider our commonplace notions of art. Dale’s images range from the playful: action figures cast in a musical ensemble; to the thoughtful: everyday objects that swerve from their conventional forms. It is a treat for the SlowExposures community that the flair of Andrea Noel, our esteemed show hanger, is reflected in Dale’s work being showcased. Molto bene, Dale!

Mississippi 662, Duncan, MS, 2012 © Brandon Thibodeau

Time Magazine has decided to use images from Brandon Thibodeaux’s monograph and exhibition, “In That Land of Perfect Day” to illustrate an essay by the famed southern writer Jesmyn Ward. Congratulations, Brandon!
Brandon had an exhibit at SlowExposures 2018.
Click here to read the Time Magazine article and view the images.
Brandon, SlowExposures salutes you and is so proud to have you participate in our show this year as the winner of the 2017 Paul Conlan Prize!

Alice, from the series GOOD BAD PEOPLE, 2016 © Jared Ragland

Congratulations to Jared Ragland (SlowExposures 2013, Honorable Mention; 2014; 2016, Second Place), who received third place at the PhotoNOLA 2017 Review for his work GOOD BAD PEOPLE. A selection of these images are on display at the Georgine Clark Alabama Artists Gallery through the summer. Some images are also included in the 2016 edition of the Looking at Appalachia project.
Jared will be in residence during June at Eyes on Main Street in conjunction with the festival in Wilson, North Carolina. His project, EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALL RIGHT will also be featured at The Front in New Orleans. Jared’s work is also featured on two album covers, a single due out by Hammock on May 18, and Preston Lovinggood’s Everything Will Be OK.

Aluminum Collection © Dale Niles

SlowExposures salutes Dale Niles (SlowExposures 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017 3rd and People’s Choice Award) for her write-up in the April 26, 2018, issue of Lenscratch, “Dale Niles: What Lies Within: Andrea M. Noel’s Multiple Eclectic Collections”. The article was written by Aline Smithson (one of our 2014 and 2018 Jurors) and highlights the various collections of our very own Andrea Noel. Andrea hangs our show each year and is an artist herself, as evidenced by the images in the article. This is a must-see for all fans of SlowExposures!
Congratulations, Dale: you continue to amaze us. Also, a special congratulations to Andrea Noel: We’ve always known you were special and now we have proof! Thank you, Dale, for memorializing these wonderful collections! A serendipitous partnership, for sure!

image by Mary Anne Mitchell

Mary Anne Mitchell‘s series “Meet Me in My Dreams” is based on a poem she wrote and will be exhibited at the Haas Gallery in Bloomsburg, PA until May 3, 2018. The exhibit will then move to the Mary G. Hardin Center in Gadsden, AL, beginning May 18 and running through August 18, 2018 with new images being added to the exhibit. The work is shot with wet plate collodion and the exhibit consists of wet plates, as well as prints and fabric panels made from the plates. Mary Anne, (SlowExposures 2012), SlowExposures salutes you!

Meet Me in My Dreams”

Walking through the forest of my dreams
I see a varied cast of characters.
Some are known
And some are strangers.
Some are real,
Some imagined.

I catch a glimpse of something yet I look again
and nothing is there, perhaps scattered by the wind.
My eyes are tricked by the play of light
on each and every tree.
I sometimes sense I am not alone and
someone watches me.

The stories told are mine alone.
Imagination fuels my memories and my vision is revealed.
I invite you to come and meet me in my dreams.

Track Rock Gap At Dawn © Todd Suttles

SlowExposures salutes photographer, Todd Suttles (SlowExposures 2015, 2016) who has teamed up with his father to create beautiful works of regional landscapes and culture. Todd captures photographic images which highlight the culture of the region and his father, Bill Suttles, interested in both oils and pastels with a quick stroke, explores everyday interactions and lighting effects in landscapes.
The exhibit runs January 1 – 31, 2018 at River Gallery, 400 East Second Street, Chattanooga, TN 37403.
The Opening Reception will be held from 6:30 – 8:00 pm, Friday, January 5. Congratulations, Todd! An exhibit with your Dad must be so exciting!

Fox Theatre © Myrtie Cope

SlowExposures salutes Myrtie Cope (SlowExposures 2010, 2014) for an interview by Lois Reitzes of WABE, Atlanta’s NPR station. The subject of the interview was Myrtie’s photography series of old and ornately designed older theaters, entitled “Second Act”.
You can listen to Myrtie’s interview and read an overview HERE. This is the last week to view “Second Act” at The APG Gallery, Tula Art Center, 75 Bennett Street, NW, Gallery B-1. Exhibit ends June 17, 2017.
Congratulations, Myrtie, and I agree with you that the Ladies Restroom at the Fox Theatre takes one back in time to an earlier, more glamorous era!

Dogwood © Donna Rosser

Congratulations to Donna Rosser (SlowExposures 2008 – 2009, 2011-2015, 2nd place in 2012, Honorable Mentions 2011 and 2013), will be featured on Home Shopping Network July 6 during a presentation of scarves and accessories created from art. The online retailer VIDA, partners with HSN to showcase works. Earlier this year VIDA issued a call to artists to submit work for a special showing during the 40th anniversary of HSN. From more than one thousand submissions, twenty-two were chosen by HSN, including Rosser’s black and white image, Dogwood, for a special limited edition sale. What a gorgeous scarf this will be! Rosser has other works available on the VIDA website. SlowExposures salutes you, Donna, and wishes you much success in this endeavor!

SlowExposures salutes two of our favorite photographers for their recognition in April editions of LENSCRATCH. 

Cover for This Land © Jack Spencer

Jack Spencer (Juror, SlowExposures 2010) was recognized for his new book, This Land, a 13-year project that took him on an eighty thousand-mile journey throughout the USA. He traveled from the flattest of plains to the highest of peaks; during the journey, Jack documented the landscape and traditions that he observed. Many of his images are timeless. You can read more about his project in the April 12, 2017, edition of LENSCRATCH.

Michael in the Pool, from the series GOOD BAD PEOPLE © Jared Ragland

Jared Ragland (SlowExposures 2013, Honorable Mention; 2014; 2016, Second Place) received an All About Photo Merit Award for “Michael in the Pool,” the same image for which he placed second in SlowExposures 2016. The All About Photo awards celebrate the power of a single image to draw the attention of the viewer and to ignite curiosity about the story that the photo represents. You can find all of the winners of the All About Photo awards in the April 8, 2017, edition of LENSCRATCH.

Southern Trinity ©Johnathon Kelso

“What is a Southern image?” That is the question that we at SlowExposures have continuously asked ourselves and attempted to answer for going on 15 years. Slow Salutes photographer and essayist Johnathon Kelso (SlowExposures 2016, Honorable Mention) for his compilation, “As God Is My Witness,” in the April 4th edition of The Bitter Southerner newsletter. Johnathon holds a mirror up to himself and to the messages that many iconic Southern images represent, exploring the shadows that they have cast for generations, in his search for “truth and beauty I can abide with.” The results are disturbing, compassionate, and provocative.

Cheryl with Silos, from the series Rotan Switch © Lisa McCord

SlowExposures salutes Arkansas native Lisa McCord (SlowExposures 2016) on her portrait series entitled “Rotan Switch”, which is written up in the April issue of Black + White Magazine UK. During the 1980s, Lisa traveled back to her family’s cotton farmland and photographed members of her extended family. During the process, she was able to become reacquainted with her kinfolk through the stories the residents shared with her. Now, decades later, she continues to weave her family’s photographic tapestry by illustrating her handwritten stories of her mother and grandmother with photographs of them that she has discovered.

Pixels and Patchwork © Myrtie Cope

SlowExposures salutes Myrtie Cope (SlowExposures 2010, 2014) for two upcoming shows: “Pixels and Patchwork – Documenting a Southern Tradition” and “Second Act – Photographing Historic Theatres”. “Pixels and Patchwork” will hang at A Novel Experience Bookstore in Zebulon, GA from April 3 through April 29. The opening reception will be Saturday, April 8 from 4 – 6 p.m. at A Novel Experience, 426 Zebulon Street, Zebulon. Myrtie will be exhibiting quilts made by Marshall Dewell and quilts she has made herself, as well as photos of her quilts. She has some interesting stories to tell about this work. You will not want to miss the opening reception!

Fox Theatre © Myrtie Cope

Myrtie’s exhibit “Second Act”, photographs of the Fox and Tivoli Theatres, opens May 11, and will hang in the Ted and Gloria Maloof Gallery at Atlanta Photography Group Gallery, showing concurrently with “Where Are We?” curated by Alan Rothschild. The APG Gallery, Tula Art Center, is located at 75 Bennett Street, NW, Gallery B-1. Hope to see you at the Opening Reception, Thursday May 11 from 6 – 9 pm.

Myrtie, Congratulations and we wish you all the best on these two exhibits!

Preston Gannaway © Lexey Swall/GRAIN

Congratulations to Preston Gannaway on her success AND on her very busy schedule! She is on the move, dashing “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea,” and further beyond! The SlowExposures 2015 First Place winner, Preston tells us that eight of her images will now become part of The Do Good Fund, which makes photographs of the American South accessible to everyone. Preston’s photos comprising “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea,” which was the focus of her Paul Conlan memorial exhibition at SlowExposures 2016, document the effects of gentrification on a community along the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia. The work of the Do Good Fund shows up in unexpected, nontraditional places! You can also find it in regional museums and non-profit spaces.

Shriners, 2010, from the series Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
© Preston Gannaway

Preston’s work is wide-ranging; lately, she has been engaged in a number of commissions, while cultivating projects of her own. Documenting rape and abuse in nursing homes; examining the power players and the role of women in the burgeoning legal marijuana business in California; transforming barren urban spaces into sustainable garden spaces; and chronicling queer youth in Florida are all examples of the range of her endeavors. We wish Preston all the best as she travels coast to coast!

Photos above by Ellen Tew, unless otherwise credited