Push-Pin Show

SlowExposures 2015 Push-Pin Show 


Daily Walk  © David Russell

Daily Walk © David Russell

2015 Push-Pin at Chestnut Oak

SlowExposures is reviving our successful Push-Pin show, "People of Pike", with a twist!  Our theme this year is "Slow!  Animal Crossing", and may include photos of any animals, pets, or livestock.  We invite everyone to be a part of this Push-Pin Show, where photographs are "pinned" up by anyone who wishes to share a photo.


This year's Push-Pin Show will be at Chestnut Oak, the agriculture park across from the Children's Home on State Route 19 South, the site of Slow Park


Easy options for displaying your favorite animal photo:

♦  You may print your favorite animal photo, bring it to Chestnut Oak, and pin it up for all to see.

♦  Email your image to  Kim Sellers at kim@kimsellers.com (include SlowExposures or push-pin on the subject line) and she will print and display it for you. 

♦  Take a photo with your camera or phone, visit City Pharmacy in downtown Zebulon, and have a print made instantly.


Grand Prize for our Push-Pin Show will be a wonderful gift basket.  Participate in SlowExposures' Four Slow Days by sharing your favorite animal photograph!

See you there!  September 17 - 20!