Portfolio Review — Brie Castell

SlowExposures is once again offering portfolio reviews on Saturday, September 21.  Portfolio review during SlowExposures is a relaxed and casual, yet a very informative and unique experience. One of the reviewers is Brie Castell; owner and chief curator of Castell Photography Gallery in Asheville, North Carolina.

Ms. Castell works with both established and emerging artists from around the globe for exhibition and representation, and brings to Asheville leading authorities in the field of photography for educational programming. Ms. Castell has also been a working photo-based artist for over 13 years, has exhibited extensively around the country, and is in numerous public and private collections. She was a featured artist in the Fall 2009 issue of Eyemazing Magazine, an award winning Amsterdam-based photography publication. Ms. Castell received her MFA from East Carolina University, and currently is also Adjunct Professor of Photography at Virginia Intermont College.
Ms. Castell is interested in viewing cohesive bodies of works from both emerging and established artists which would be suitable for gallery setting, and potentially at Castell Photography Gallery. Primarily, Ms. Castell is interested in fine art conceptual photography (non=commercial and non-documentary) — works, which are predominantly narrative, challenging, dynamic, and fresh. In addition to being a curator, Ms. Castell is also an artist and educator, and would be interested in reviewing bodies of work in progress, and discussing further development and realization of these images.


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