PopUp Tour 2019

SlowExposures Welcomes all Visitors to our PopUp Tour 2019, juried by John Bennette.


John Bennette © Chris Curry

John Bennette is back once again as PopUp Juror and Counselor to our PopUp Photographers.  For our 2019 PopUp Tour, John has selected 2 individual Photographers and 1 group of 3 photographers.  These photographers will be joined by SlowExposures’ 2019 Artists in Residence, the SlowAIR Photographers, as well as the photographers who are participating in the “Enquiries of Myth, Ritual and Narrative”. 

Stop by and see each of these PopUp exhibits, have your program stamped, and have an opportunity to win a print from one of these artists at the Saturday Supper!  A stamp from each PopUp earns you 5 tickets for the Raffle!


***Each of the images shown below will be part of our PopUp Raffle at the Saturday Supper.  Receive 5 free raffle tickets with your completed stamped grid on the catalogue.  Additional raffle tickets are available at the Saturday Supper.***



Our 2019 PopUp Exhibits

Individual PopUp Exhibits:



Mark Caceres: “I Have Searched For” 

Hunting Trophy © Mark Caceres


“I Have Searched For” is a collaboration between photographer Mark Caceres and writer Mark Beaver. The exhibit will combine photos, text, and sound to give a visceral, fragmented interpretation of true events which occurred in the town of Stevenson, Alabama in this decade. The events in Stevenson revolve around a man, who in an act of loyalty and devotion, sought to fulfill his wife’s dying wish. His actions violated social taboos, stirred up longstanding grudges, and pitted him against the entrenched power structure of the town’s government. The audiovisual presentation of “I Have Searched For” seeks to convey the atmosphere of the town and to give a glimpse of the violence bubbling under the surface when individuals are pushed to the brink.





Jack Deese:  “Do As You Done”


Rocks © Jack Deese

Jack Deese just turned 33 this summer. He lives in Douglasville, GA with his wife and  two daughters. His art is primarily made from behind a camera, but also includes sculptures, paintings, bumper stickers, and trading cards. He sells fruit to make money and teaches when he gets the opportunity, which is currently at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.


About the show:

“Do As You Done” takes place in Milledgeville, GA, the town in which I grew up. Still the location of my mother and immediate family, the photographs include them as subjects alongside strangers and acquaintances met along the way. Over the course of the series, my father’s untimely death is documented through my return trips to visit my family. 

The project’s title is pulled from a quote from the letters of Flannery O’Connor, who spent her late life writing from her farm in Milledgeville. In a correspondence with a friend visiting Italy, O’Connor advised, “When in Rome, do as you done in Milledgeville.”



Group PopUp Exhibit:  “Borrowed Time”


BORROWED TIME is a small-group photographic installation of imagery from Southern Artists, Deb Schwedhelm, Ann Madden, and Kim Turner-Smith, in which they explore the discovery and interconnection of self and place through the use of photography, video, and mixed media. Deb, Ann, and Kim were brought together years ago via a photography retreat where they became fast friends. Through time and distance, they have maintained their close bond, continuing to encourage, inspire, challenge, and support one another along the way.




image by Deb Schwedhelm


DEB SCHWEDHELM | Deb is an award-winning American photographer whose work is a visual memoir that narrates the self actualization of an artist. Deb’s use of storytelling depicts a lifetime of arrivals and departures. Her work dances with a primal vulnerability and divine mystery. Each transition in her photography opens a new chapter of the story, giving a visual voice to the storyteller.







Culvert © Ann Dinwiddie Madden


ANN DINWIDDIE MADDEN | While creating her mixed media image transfers, Ann marries the digital and analog and the old to the new. She has used this process to write a love letter to her Mississippi home, the landscape, it’s evolution, and her family.  Ann’s raffle image, Culvert, is a 5×5 image transfer on Canson printmaking paper.







image by Kim Turner-Smith

KIM TURNER-SMITH | Kim’s photography explores the tenuous quality of time, motherhood, childhood, aging, loss, and the human condition.  Much of her work centers around her own children, the domestic space, and her travels throughout the southeast region of the United States. She hones in on fleeting moments and liminal spaces; weaving imagery into a tapestry that allows for introspection and speaks to impermanence and the fragility of being human.  Her narrative images don’t ask for specific interpretation, instead they thread together a series of lost moments that gain their strength from their connectedness; eventually building to a life lived.




SlowAIR PopUp Exhibit: 

Neil McGahee: 

Ordinary Neil McGahee

Neil McGahee’s career spanned more than 40 years as a newspaper and magazine photojournalist, documenting local, national and international events including wars in Central and South America, the Middle East, Africa and Northern Ireland. He also photographed national events such as the Haitian boatlift, the Miami race riots, numerous space shuttle launches and natural disasters like the eruption of the Mt. St. Helens volcano and Hurricane Andrew.

He is best known for his abilities to tell stories through photo essays, which have won the Oskar Barnack Prize awarded by World Press Photo, the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award and the University of Missouri’s prestigious Pictures of the Year competition. He was nominated three times for a Pulitzer Prize and was runner up for the 1978 prize.

In 2017, McGahee was inducted into the Leica Hall of Honor in Frankfort, Germany for his lifetime’s work and he was prominently featured in “The Gold Medals: 60 Years of the World’s Best Photojournalism,” by former New York Times photo editor John Morris.

As an Artist-in-Residence for Slow Exposure 2019, he produced a photo essay about Pike, Upson and Spalding counties 20 years after the textile mills — the economic lifeblood of the area — closed eliminating almost 1/3 of the area’s jobs.

McGahee’s book, “In Ordinary Time,” a collection of photos, is available from Blurb at http://www.blurb.com/b/1734085-in-ordinary-time.


Brooke White:  “Places of Sense(s)”

Sardis Birdhouses © Brooke White

Brooke White is both a practicing artist and educator specializing in photography and video art. She received her M.F.A. from Cornell University and B.F.A from Alfred University, School of Art & Design. White has exhibited her photographs and videos nationally and internationally including the Hammer Museum, Mississippi Museum of Art and the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. Her work has been published in Aint Bad Magazine and the Oxford American and is included in the Do Good Fund collection.

White resides in Oxford, MS where she is Professor of Art, Area Head and founder of the Imaging Arts area in the Department of Art & Art History.


SlowE Pop-Up exhibition statement:

Julia’s House © Brooke White

As a 2019 SlowExposures artist in residence, I had the opportunity to continue my decade long investigation of the landscape and place in the American South. During my residency, I developed a new body of work called Place of Sense(s) that examines remote aspects of the county highlighting the natural beauty found here. This project was inspired by my desire to be more engaged with the natural world through the medium of photography and to consider the ways our senses are activated by the smallest details found in nature. All of the images were made using the wet plate collodion process.




“Enquiries of Myth, Ritual and Narrative”

In Enquires of Myth, Ritual and Narrative six Southern photographers explore historical processes to create an exhibition that is unique and unexpected. Through vision combined with craft these photographic works tell stories that are both contemporary and timeless.

→  To learn more about this exhibit, please visit the “Enquiries of Myth, Ritual and Narrative” page.


Map and Map Key for PopUp Exhibits


map by Carol Carver