Photography 101 Workshop

“You could be in next years show”
SlowExposures is pleased to present Photography 101 for the amateur photographer who may aspire to be in SlowExposures 2013 or just wants to improve on family and vacation photographs.  
Popular Showcase School instructor, Sara Keith, will walk you through fun exercises on topics such as:
  1. The basics:  memory cards and batteries and card readers
  2. How to hold your camera
  3. Focusing
  4. Shooting modes and menu options
  5. Intro to advanced functions: White balance, aperture, shutter, exposure
  6. How to take BETTER portraits and landscape shots (all the rules!)
  7. Hands-on practice in and around the Whiskey Bonding Barn using your new skills!

Bring your digital camera (any digital camera/any brand) and camera manual to this fun workshop on how to make the most of your photography!

Photography 101 with Sara Keith will be offered on Saturday, September 29 from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. at Strickland’s in Concord.

The fee for this workshop is only $25.
Use this link to purchase tickets or just go to and follow the Photography 101 links
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