New Hebron

New Hebron photo by Nancy McCrary
The Collector’s Afternoon on Friday, September 16th, and the Publishing Your Photography Book Workshop on September 17th will be held at New Hebron Baptist Church, 3 miles outside of Concord, Georgia.

The original Hebron Baptist Church was chartered in 1838. The New Hebron was chartered in 1907 and built in 1908. Its only bond with the modern age is when farm trucks and passenger cars pass by stirring up dust which quickly settles on the whitewashed facade and plain concrete porch and brick steps. It still uses the original hand-crafted pulpit and hand-hewn slat pews.

In its heyday of 1929 New Hebron had 99 members. The last member, Fred H. Johnson, Jr., died in 1998. New Hebron has been featured in two movies, Cold Sassy Tree and Mama Flora’s Family, and a feature film, The Wettest County, just completed filming in this beautiful old structure.

Dwain Penn, the Vicar of New Hebron, holds services every month on the third Sunday at 3 p.m. and has special speakers on alternate months during the year.

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