Jurors: Maria L. Kelly and Michael Pannier

2022 Juror Selections for the Main Exhibit at Strickland’s

Jacqueline Asplundh, oranges
Don Baker, A James River Dip
Mike Baker, Baptism on Jacobs Fork
Anne Berry, Gertrude
Rachel Brewer, My View From a Distance
Barrie Lynn Bryant, Delta View From the Church Pew
Lynne Buchanan, Angel Oak Tree Canopy (Platinum Palladium)
Sandy Burr, Breathing Out
Skip Butler, Desperado
Lost in Music

Mark Caceres, Brass Band, Atlanta 2021 Fourth of July, Marietta GA 2021, and Woman with Braided Hair, Atlanta 2020
Lucie Canfield, Cheeseballs, and I Heart Oke, and Nightlife in St.Mary’s
Isabel Chenoweth, At the Blue Hole
Myrtie Cope, Grazing, and Home Sweet Home, and View from the Hill
Shannon Davis, Played, and Protect
Nathan Dean, Gullah Altar
Chel Delaney, A Night In Texas, and Blessed
Benjamin Dimmitt, Bridge Tree, and Cypress Trees & Cattails
Andrew Feiler, Ellie J. Dahmer – Rosenwald School Student & Teacher, and Mildred Gray – Rosenwald School Student & Teacher, and Mt. Zion School – Florence County, SC 1925-1952 and Pleasant Plains School – Hertford County, NC 1920-1950
Jo Fields, Standing Together
Malgorzata Florkowska, Gathering Place
Mary Addison Hackett, Grocery Store, Burns, Tennessee (June 20, 2021), and Gables, Ashland City, Tennessee (May 7, 2022)
Lynn Hall, Smoke Break
Ben Hillyer, Kudzu on Auburn Avenue
Joe Hoyle, AR-15, Barnesville GA
Bethany Hucks, Corner Shop
Vicki Hunt, Beauty on Fleming Street, and Beware
Casey Jackson, Death of a Working Man, and Rancher
Henry Jacobs, Chattahoochee Summer Day
Nancy Marshall, Anne Todd’s Pecan Grove, and Elderberry Days
Neal McEwen, Standing Room Only at Hopewell Church
Larry McIntosh, Prince Pulling the Cart in Inglis 2
Houck Medford, King Solomon, and Pecan Plant First Shift
Jessie Merrell, Summer Time, and Winning Society
Becky Mills, Soapy At Your Service
Jimmy Nicholson, Waiting Room, Tallahassee, FL
Dale Niles, Tea For Two
Jerry Park, Dart
Teressa Danielle Phillips, Easter Egg
Vann Powell, Bridge Over the Greater Alamance
Betty Press, CP Lounge and Juke Joint
Jess Rhodes, There I am In the Midst of Them, V
Mary Presson Roberts, Welcome to Botany Bay
Richard Schramm, A Peachstand Named Desire
David Shively, Tied Up on Daufuskie
Warren Simons, Bear Creek Swamp
Barbara Snyder, Follow your path Silence a suspension in time
Donna Wesley, Spencer Watermelon Men
Tara Stallworth Lee, Give Me a Fish, Teach Me to Fish
Orion Stand-Gravois, Lord Help Me
Parker Stewart, Girl Fishing. Stokes Bluff, South Carolina, and Rope Swing. Stokes Bluff, South Carolina, and Ship on the Savannah River. Hutchinson Island, Georgia.
Susanne Thompson, After Supper, 40 Years Later
Karey Walter, Ossabaw Island
Al Wood, Waiting to Dance at Choctaw Fair
Kyle Worthy, Mineral Springs, NC