Doug Eng: “Forest re:Framed”


Doug Eng:  “Forest re:Framed”

Location:  Chris’ Beautiful Barn

1737 Chapman Road

Zebulon, GA


Artist's Statement

“Forest re:Framed” started many years ago in an effort to photograph a forest. My goal is to express the timeless expanse of a forest experience beyond a single tree. By visiting parks and managed state forests, I photographed many southern ecosystems. I created “long” photographs (stitched panoramas) in addition to single images to further my understanding of what constituted a forest.

Specific compositions and arrangements began to dominate my images. A curious interest in the repetitive managed pine forests clued me into a realization that the images had more to do with my own predispositions, training, and rationalization of the world than anything else. I was finding order and stillness in a chaotic system and finding comfort in the man-made manufactured wilderness.

“Long” prints communicate form, detail, and a dimension of time as one physically progresses through a scene. This is not easily expressed in description, so I am grateful that you will be able to experience the prints at the Split Oak barn. See you there!


Biographical Information:


Doug Eng

A Jacksonville, FL native and resident, Doug Eng is a photographer and installation artist whose visual interests are urban and natural landscapes. Eng’s recent projects focus on raising awareness of endangered wetlands and creeks in Northeast Florida by encouraging residents to explore their surroundings. “Finding and connecting with your own sacred places is an important part of caring about where you live.” An engineer and software programmer by education and trade, Eng is pursuing a lifelong interest in the visual arts and has established a reputation for unique imagery and meaningful public projects.


Eng received his BS and MEng degrees at Cornell University, studying structural engineering and architecture. This combination of arts and science germinated his interests in natural forms, systems, and design. Photography became the ideal medium to support his studies and document his particular view of the world.


Eng was selected twice as a Critical Mass Finalist and his work has been exhibited widely in the southeast. His projects Streaming South and On Fertile Ground were featured in Lenswork magazine, and Eng has won numerous IPA Awards for nature and fine art images. “Decoding the Infinite Forest” was highlighted in an article in Lenscratch in October, 2016 and in 2015, Doug presented an extremely popular PopUp Show at SlowExposures.  Eng’s studio is located in the CoRK Arts District in Jacksonville, where his large format printers and CNC router equipment are usually running.