Current Calls

Young Photographers Call 2021            

To photographers under the age of 18 (and their supporters!):

We are really curious to see how you see the rural South. Our annual photography show, SlowExposures has asked this question for 18 years--even before cell phones!

We invite you to pick out two photographs that capture your take on the rural South, whether you live here or you've visited.

Students should enter the division in which they are enrolled in January, 2021.

The deadline is Sunday, May 23, 2021 at midnight.

2021 Young Photographers Call -- What's on Your Phone

Enter by going on-line HERE .



When is the Call for Entries release?            

The call is sent out in early March.

Who can enter?           

Anyone, 18 or older can enter their work in the Main Exhibition. 

Do you have a theme?

The work must reference the rural, contemporary American South.

What states are considered the “Rural South”?

Here’s what we include: Alabama, Arkansas,  Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas,  Virginia, and West Virginia. 

The images must be taken in one of these states.

How do I enter?

Fill out the application on the entry form page listed under Current Calls. The fee for entering is $50.00. This fee underwrites the entire show for that year. It covers the expenses of renting space, covering the juror’s expenses, refreshments for all of our receptions, publicity, and awards. We are able to present the show without charging admission fees for each year’s dozen-or-more exhibitions. Every photographer who enters is also invited to the private “Soiree” at Split Oak Farm on Friday evening. We do our best to find lodging for anyone who enters and wants to come to the show—juried in, or not, we honor their investment in getting their work out there.

How do I find out if I’m juried in?

We use Constant Contact to announce the juried-in images within 24 hours of the juror’s picks. Following this, we email a detailed checklist of “things-to-do” to those who are juried in. It includes information on when and where to drop off or ship the framed work, how to get it back after the show closes, and sales information. We retain a 30% commission on work (the framed image and prints) that sells during the show.