A Wonderful Confluence of Dissimilar Currents

By Andy Scott, Slow Exposures Advisory Board Member

About 10 years ago, a friend sent me a flyer for a photo show and contest that I had never heard of.  It was called “Slow Exposures,” and it purported to highlight photographs taken in the South.  It was based in Pike County, Georgia, which I vaguely knew was a very rural area way south of Atlanta.

Curiosity piqued, I drove down for the show and the associated party (then called “The Cotton Ball”).  It was great.  It had a strange mix of Art with a big “A” types, many of whom were from New York and other culture centers, along with the local Pike County folks.  As wandered through The Cotton Ball, I heard a mash-up of conversations about shows at Soho galleries and conversations about crop yields.  I was hooked.  The years went by, and the event’s organizers eventually decided that since I was a regular, they might as well get some work out of me.  I now am honored to be on Slow E’s advisory board.

Slow E continues to be a wonderful confluence of dissimilar currents.   Where else can you go commune with the cows with Sylvia Plachy?  Come on down and see for yourself.

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