2013 Conlan Prize Show – McNair Evans

“Confessions for a Son”

McNair Evans

 Winner of the Conlan Prize for First Place in SlowExposures 2013

Confessions for a Son, McNair Adams

Confessions for a Son, McNair Adams

McNair Evans’s project, “Confessions for a Son,” combines the artist’s photographs with images taken by his father and found by McNair in his journey for answers, as well as reinterpreted paraphernalia such as displaced checks collected from his father’s insolvent business and printed like sacred negatives through a mural enlarger. All of these pieces coalesce in an empathetic portrait of a man and an emotionally complex family heritage.

  R. F. Strickland Building


 Book signing: Sunday, September 21st from 12:30 – 1:30 p

Confessions for a Son book

This 98-page, 47-photograph book is a culmination of five years work and explores universal themes – the complex relationship between fathers and sons, the strength of family bonds, and the fading of an American agrarian way of life.   Pre-orders have begun for this exciting release with San Francisco’s Owl & Tiger Books.  You can purchase this limited edition book or one of the 25 special edition copies at the show or directly from Owl & Tiger .